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Thanks so much for your friendship, support and advice. I really am very glad that I bought the LTC policy!  EG

Judy Hults

Sheila sold us our long term care policy over 15 years ago. I remember how much Joe and I enjoyed being with her and how she helped us with all the decisions. This summer we decided to call her as we didn't remember all the ins and outs of our policy and she had kept in touch with us from time to time over the years. She came to the house and explained everything to us. Sheila is a true specialist and has a large network. She can help you with anything about care giving to selling your house to getting help cleaning out your house to sell it, etc. She is an invaluable resource person and a good person to know, for sure. She will help you with whatever you need or put you in touch with someone who can. We highly recommend Sheila White to all!   JH


After visiting with my Mom (who has LTCi) she asked me if I have it, because her good friend just had a stroke & needs home care. i said-YES, I'm working with a great lady who is a LTC advisor and a RN & so glad I am getting a LTC plan!!! JJ


Thank you so much, Sheila,  for helping us take care of our family. We are grateful.   MM


Sheila-I definitely will tell folks about you & the great service you provide. Your help was invaluable-you are a true LTC specialist. Thanks for making the process painless & streamlined. AD


When I was first applying for long-term care insurance Shelia White was extremely helpful in explaining the different plans available to me and tailoring a plan for my needs and finances. She is very knowledgeable and professional. I believe she found the one plan to best suit my needs. Over the years Shelia has kept me apprised of updates and been easy to reach by phone or e-mail to answer any questions I had, always in a timely manner. It has given me much peace of mind to know I have this added protection to take the burden off my family, if it is ever needed.She has a calm manner, is easy to talk to and always willing to take as much time as needed.   JS


Long Term Care became an important topic when my Dad began needing additional medical care. This situation found me wanting to learn more about LTC, and eliminate some of the medical care I may need in my future years, and take away some of this emotional strain from my daughter. I started researching on the internet, which became overwhelming and frustrating. From our initial introduction, Sheila was thoughtful, experienced, and helped me thru my many, many questions with patience and understanding. Thank you Sheila for your help and guidance.


Sheila is very professional, very knowledgeable, very helpful, and got us through an otherwise almost impossible process. Thanks to her, we got our LTC insurance. Sheila also has a great personality and is easy to work with. :-)

Barbara & Will

It has been a pleasure working with Sheila White on the "Long Term Care" subject. Sheila is very professional, knowledgeable and personable. LTC is a complicated subject, and Sheila has been very helpful as we seek to understand all of its aspects and options.


Sheila was wonderful during our consultation for consideration of a LTC policy. She was very helpful explaining policy benefits, options, related premiums and explained things very clearly. She transformed a difficult concept to one that is simple to come to grips with and subsequently made it easy to understand choices. Sheila was more than willing to work up various samples, adjusting variables, and structuring a plan to suit potential needs...no matter how often we conducted webinars and followed up with emails. This allowed us to make an informed decision. Thank you Sheila.


Sheila White is one of those rare people that you meet that truly cares about what you are saying. She looks in your eyes and listens to you with genuine interest and compassion. Absolutely a very special person to know and work with. She is a treasure!


Sheila did a great job of walking me through the many options available for Long Term Care insurance. You can tell she has a big heart and works hard to find the right plan for you and your loved ones. Dan S


thank you for the Birthday wishes. As you know one of the most important things in life is to laugh and smile a lot. think about it, what is better, frown lines or laugh lines? May God keep all safe and sound. Remember to thank a Vet for their service to this great country of ours.  RW

Christine C

Sheila White has been a true source of information, comfort and caring since my family first became acquainted with her over 10 years ago. My dad used his long term care insurance while suffering with Alzheimer's Disease and my mother has started her policy while in independent living. Sheila has stayed with us with phone calls and advice and referrals all through my dad's illness. And now with my mom…just to check in. It is so nice to know that she is there for us whether it be a comforting phone call or the point person to go to for insurance information. I truly appreciate Sheila's knowledge and compassion as does my mother.

Gary K

Sheila White is terrific. She is extraordinarily responsive and conveys a sincere level of caring. I really do trust her.


Dear Sheila, After our conversation this morning, I was reminded once again how lucky I am to have you in my corner. Your advise, concern, and great service have always been a great help. thank you. Edith


Dear Sheila, It has been a pleasure working with you again to further refine and improve my long term care policy. Your thorough and expedient response to my current concerns and requirements is enormously appreciated. Additionally, your compassionate understanding and professional approach to adequately address the myriad of complex issues that underscore long term care has been key. With your guidance, I have been able to identify the long term care policy that largely accommodates my goals and intentions for the future. As always, I thank you for your time, interest and concern. Warmly, Gail.

Lois B

This is a lady you surely want to work with. She is very experienced in her field. She will spend time with you and offer programs that will fit your needs and financial responsibilities. I highly recommend her services. Lois Baisley

Pat and Joe K

HI Sheila, This is just a brief note to thank you for being so helpful to us in understanding LTC and presenting the costs and benefits in an evenhanded, comprehensive and easy to understand manner. You are a consummate professional who sincerely had our interests at heart and not just a salesman selling a policy. You were quick to respond to our questions, as they developed, with precise and documented answers and we feel that anyone would benefit greatly by using your expertise and services. Thanks again.

Jim R

Happy new year Sheila. Thank you for your birthday greeting. I've decided not to celebrate them anymore. Sort of flying under the Radar :-) I was thinking of you this past Vets day. Thank you for your service to our country.

Lila and Richard

You are a true professional with a wealth of knowledge about LTC. Not only are you very personable, but you are well spoken, considerate, informed and caring. You listened first -- and then made your presentation, answering every question we had along the way. We highly recommend you to anyone who is interested in LTC.

Sheila and Pat

Because of Sheila White, we have been able to make one of the important planning decisions regarding our future care needs. We had begun this process a few years ago, but did not complete it. After working with Sheila, we realized why. The previous long term care representative was mainly interested in selling his company's product and making our goals fit around his company. Sheila's approach was the opposite. She listened to our goals, desires and needs and designed a plan around us. The first couple of plans would not work for us financially, so Sheila kept redesigning them until they did work, providing us with the protection we wanted but without making us give up our goals for our retirement years. We are both teachers and were so impressed with her listening skills and ability to analyze our wishes and design a plan to meet them. Thanks to Sheila, we now have a long term care plan that fits us.

carmen p

i was so glad to meet a representative so well informed,patient and dedicated to serve the consumer as sheila. when we concluded our visit i had all our questions answered in a clear and precise manner.not often do you find someone as professional and intelligent to leave you with the ability to make a well informed decision. there was no pressure to sign on the line as with other experiences i've had which turned me off immediately. thank you sheila!


Thank you for your LTC advice..you were so wise, caring, articulate and knowledgeable. The way you presented the entire process was so clear and comprehensive and easy to understand. Thank you...as we continued, I realized you made it easy for me by customizing a plan & for me to decide which plan was best for me. YOU WERE BRILLIANT! I now have peace of mind, so thank you for guiding me and empowering me in this important decision-making process. MP

Phil&Judy K

Thanks for the E mail. See you Tue. @ 1 PM. Phil Kane


Wow! I was terribly impressed!! Patrik


Sheila-thank you fo rall your help w/ Jim & his care-you helped me do the right thing to keep him home til the end. i am still at home & using my policy-it is a great help. thank you & God Bless. AG. Bellmore, NY

Carol B

Sheila White did an excellent job explaining all the different longterm health insurance choices to my husband and I. I highly reccommend her as a very knowlegable professional with the patience to answer all of our questions in language we could understand. Carol B.

Sherrie C

Sheila was very informative and pleasant to work with. I learned a lot from our meeting. LC, West Islip, NY


You have been very informative and helpful to us during the process of obtaining LTC insurance. It was a pleasure working with you. Warm regards, Kathy and Tony


Sheila was very informative and helpful. She was patient and answered all of our questions. She is a great resource and can explain the nuances of a very complicated decision to make it easier.

Linda M

'Have a great fourth!!! I have made headway with my illustrations, but have some more work to do. David is tied up for another couple of weeks. Then we'll talk. LM


THANK YOU FOR YOUR 4TH OF July wishes. This web site is great. I will be sending clients to it. Have a happy 4th


Sheila provided important information for us. The whole process was very educational. Most importantly, she helped us to raise our awareness of the LTC need and strategies. We sincerely appreciate her tireless effort and will recommend her as a great resource for the LTC consultation.


I also want to thank you for how truly caring and sensitive you've been throughout this whole process. I've never felt alone, out of the loop, or overwhelmed. You kept me informed and updated in terms I could easily understand. Not long ago I had filed an application for a different purpose, and was constantly trying to reach the agent for an update. Each time I had to explain who I was and why I was calling. He had no idea who I was. you are a true professional. Thank you.

Brenda A

The information that I received from Ms. White was invaluable. There are a lot of misconptions about long-term health care, and Ms. White patiently through phone conversations and a power point interactive web experience carefully explained what long-term health care is, what it covers, options that an insurer has, and the cost of taylor-made policies with a number of different companies. All of this is vital information in ones making an informed decision about long term care. Thank you!

Donna D

Dear Sheila - it has been a true pleasure to work with you on planning for our future. You made the process very comfortable for us to make decisions and I can tell that your heart is in what you do and that you really care for people. Thank you so much for everything. Donna and Bob Dloughy


Thank you for making this so easy for me!


I had considered LTC insurance before, but never understood it & never made a decision. Then my financial advisor introduced me to Sheila. During our meeting, she listened to me, asked me questions & really customized some choices for me. She is very professional, knowledgable & caring. My LTC plan will take care of me & my family.

Susan B

After speaking with Sheila in person, I was more than pleasantly surprised to find her very unlike the typical money-talking, number-crunching insurance exec. (I'm sure those skills are there, just well out of sight.)Instead, her knowledge, information and style contribute to her considerable "soft i.q." Sheila is definitely a people person who "speaks from th hheart."
Thanks so much for your friendship, support and advice. I really am very glad that I bought the LTC policy!  EG Read More


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